About us

Loop.A.S. は、A=Alumni (校友会・卒業生) と S=Students (学生) が Loop=繋がるという意味があるように、校友会と学生どちらとものメリットとなるようなイベントなどの企画を始め、校友会の方々からのオファーイベントのサポートなどを行っています。

Loop.A.S. is a student organization that aims to connect A: Alumni and S: Students.
We work to “loop” these two parts of APU; we plan events that will benefit both alumni and students, and provide support for events offered by the Alumni Association.


Until today, we have carried out lectures, workshops, and cocktail parties with not only domestic chapters but also international Alumni as participants of those events.


Furthermore, we also attend meetings, events, and jumbo parties which Alumni associations hold throughout the year.


To all of Alumni Association members who are thinking of planning events for APU students, please let us know! After you tell about events to us, we would like to help you with advertisement and others.

[ 詳しくはAPU校友会のホームページをご覧ください:http://www.alumni.apu.ac.jp/ja/ ]

[For more information, please check APU Alumni Association HP: http://www.alumni.apu.ac.jp/ja/]

Instagram: https://instagram.com/loop.a.s?igshid=ouo7s9ixmtr5
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoopASapu/