Ataullah payker, Reza Luthfi B さん

Ataullah payker

Representative of Safura school

Grade: APM, junior

Birthplace: Afghanistan

Activities: Safura school, Halt prize, TA,

Reza Luthfi B

Leader of publication department of Safura school

Grade: APM, senior

Birthplace: Indonesia

Activities: Safura school, Half prize, Multi-cultural week (Indonesian week)

Safura school

Ataullah payker and Reza Luthfi B


Safura school is a school aiming to provide children in Kabul, Afghanistan better qualities of education. To solve many problems in Afghanistan, Safura school offers distinct education systems from other education systems in Afghanistan. For now, they have finished making curriculums and fund-raise.  They especially want to meet alumni who are working for education.

What is Safura school?

Safura school is a school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Safura stands for a female hero in Afghanistan,” Safura”. Since Afghanistan is a male-dominated country, they decided to name the school Safura so that the school represents gender and race equality. Also, Safura school is adapting unique curriculums to let students learn many practical knowledges.

Why did you establish Safura school?

Ata) Afghanistan has a lot of problems. Such as poverty, gender inequality, security and so on. On top of that, most of the children in Afghanistan are illiterate and the curriculums of schools are not well organized.  However, it is children that will be responsible for solving those problems. Therefore, I decided to establish a new school in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan that has high quality of curriculums and offers equal opportunities for every child to study.

What are the unique points of Safura school?

Ata) Traditional education curriculums of Afghanistan are mostly memorizing. On the other hand, our curriculums focus on practical knowledge. We are ting up with Mommy Daddy Me which is a company (based in Hong Kong) offers online educational platforms for children to provide high quality education. Although implementing online learning is a little bit challenging in Afghanistan, we are working on preparing the environment. Also, we are going to include mentorship program in our curriculums so that students can learn without difficulties.

Please tell us what you have done so far for realizing the school.

Ata) So far, we have finished curriculums mostly, expanding our team (six people now), and fund-raising. Also, we tried to build our school image through social media in japan and Afghanistan, partner with some other educational projects (now a partner is Amala Education) and found some teacher candidates.

Could tell us about the details of fund-raising?

Ata) We did fund-raise through Camp-fire to carry out Safura school project. Our initial goal is 1,500,000yen. Fortunately, we could gather 1,725,000yen. I really appreciate all supporters.

What is your next plan with that fund?

Ata) With that money, we will start building facilities, recruiting teachers. However, we may gather fund again soon. Because of the COVID-19, we need extra money.

Raze) As publication department, we will start making website to spread information on Safura school through social media.

What kind of alumni you would like to get advices from?

Ata & Raze) Of course, we want to get advice from any alumni who is interested in our project. But especially, alumni working for education or NGO in developing countries.


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